ASAYISH Provides Unique Solutions and Services

Asayish comfort Care uses NDIS price catalogue for all the services, we do not charge any registration fees. To assess your needs, we provide one on one consultation to arrange the services. Asayish Care also provides Plan review Report/ Progress report whenever required by the participant.

Nursing Services

Asayish Provides participant to choose our nurse with over 30 years’ experience as a hospital nurse. We can provide you with Training to Enable you or your support worker to undertake certain tasks like Simple wound care Medication management, continence assessments and determining the level of care.

Social Support

Asayish comfort care can provide you with choices to access community that is flexible to your needs, we also provide Group Activities tailored according to each client’s physical abilities.

Personal Care

Asayish Care provides Personal Care activities such as Showring, grooming, preparing you for your day including mealtime. We provide these services 24/7.

Household Tasks
Cleaning and Laundry

We provide staff to do your domestic activities suitable for your routine, we provide above and beyond services including spring clean with staff with cleaning background and experience.

Gardening and Handyman Jobs

ACC provides our participants experienced lawn mowers, that not just mow your lawns but provide you with a plan to help you in planting, spraying and weeding.

NDIS Plan Management and Coordination

ACC provides NDIS Plan management for participants who are unable to look after their finances and invoices. We charge a one set up fee of 227.53$ and monthly claim the NDIS Plan Management Allocated Fund.

Meal Preparation

We have staff who can provide with meal preparation. Each client can choose the background of their care worker to remove any cultural barriers.


ACC can provide companionship at your home to enable the maximum support you mar require.


Asayish care works closely with professional counsellors who Assess individual client and schedules ongoing care plan.

Assist Life Stage & Transition

Assist Life Stages and Transitions. Includes short and long-term supports that focus on strengthening the participant's ability to coordinate their supports, and to assist them to live at home and participate in their community which also includes support connection.

Assist Travel & Transport

Home Modification to Suite Your Need, ACC works with different providers like electrician, plumber, construction to help in small modification at home.

Community Participation

Asayish Provides full support to clients who are socially isolated due to their abilities or support. We provide all our participants with planning and more community involvement tailored to each individual client/participant interest.

Assist Prod-Pers Care & Safety

Asayish Comfort Service provides three levels of support coordination:

  • Support Connection: Provide assistance upfront in helping you find the right providers to meet your needs

  • Support Coordination: Coordinate your range of support, both funded and mainstream.

  • Specialist Support Coordination: We also offer specialised support such as resolving points of crisis, parenting training and helping you integrate into your network or community.